Villa Shewlin


Villa Shewlin is located in the "Flower Town" district,

named for the fact that many wild plants can be seen in Karuizawa Prince Land on the northern base of Mt. Asama.

On the Asama Plateau, which is 1100m above sea level, the days when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees in midsummer can be counted. Also, coupled with the low humidity, the breeze is refreshing. In particular, if you set a barbecue charcoal fire with your family and friends at sunset, you will be able to spend a relaxing, blissful day while feeling the cool air. Even in midsummer, the dawn is cool enough to require comforters and blankets! The toy kingdom in Princeland has a large ferris wheel with a panoramic view of the Asama Kogen, a mountain stream play, a mountain stream fishing, and so on. After sweating by playing golf, tennis, going shopping, trying your powers at full-scale field athletic courses, it's great to  enjoy a hot spring. Please come to spend your time in Kita Karuizawa, where nature is abundant.