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Villa Shewlin

Sightseeing & Activities


Fresh, new, green leaves and cherry blossom paint Karuizawa with vibrancy during spring. Many types of flowers are in bloom, wgich makes spring the best season to have a stroll. Karuizawa's cherry blossoms begin to bloom at the end of April, showering you in the beautiful, pink tufts iconic to Japanese culture. Immerse yourself in this season's exquisite flowers such as Kobushi magnolia, bayberries and peach blossoms, and feed your soul with the songs of wild birds and the refreshing spring breeze. A few spots worth visiting in spring are The Karuizawa National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest, The Picturesque Garden, The Karuizawa Taliesin and The Karuizawa Lake Garden. 


Karuizawa is at an elevation of 1000m, making it the perfect place to enjoy a cool summer. With an average temperature of 20.6 degrees in August, this  is a great place to enjoy nature. Summer is the busiest season in Karuizawa. It offers many attractions that are distinctive to the resort, such as cycling or strolling through beautiful green canopies of drooping leaves or passing trickling streams of the old town. 


appreciating   the autumn foliage is by far the best activity in this season in Karuizawa. Karuizawa's leaves are at their peak from the middle of October. There are many spots in Karuizawa with breathtaking views of the coloured leaves。Why not take a stroll to the mountains and incase yourself in bursts of reds, warming ambers and stunning yellows?Some spots worth visiting are The Kumanokotai Shrine, The former Mikasa Hotel、St。Paul's Catholic Church. 


Karuizawa is transformed into a magical heaven in this season. The soft, blanketed snow over Mount Asama glows in the distance while illuminations and Christmas events spark magic in the hearts of all. Witness piling snow, elegant frosticles and icy leaves, as well as snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. 


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